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Our actual civilisation is the result of a learning-process which has been going on for thousands of years. The discovery of fire. Agriculture. The Wheel. The invention of writing: Egyptians, Phoenicians, Romans, The Middle Ages. Modern History: Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. Galileo, Kepler, Isaac Newton, Newcomen, James Watt. The Industrial Revolution: Gregor Mendel, Niepce, Edison, Otto Benz, Lumière Brothers. Summary.

Our present-day civilisation is the result of a long learning-process which has taken many thousand of years.
Mankind and the first tools. Hunters. Axes with sharp cutting-edges.
The discovery of fire gave man light, protection, allowed him to cook and to melt metals.
The first works of art.
In the Middle East animals were domesticated and cattle was raised.
Discovery of agriculture. Sedentary life-style and fixed dwelling-places.
Man used copper then bronze to make weapons and tools.
Discovery of the wheel. In Sumer appeared the first carts.
The Nile. The first boats.
The Sumerians created the written word.
The Egyptians. The Hieroglyphic scripture.

Egypt was, in all probability, the first nation formed about 5000 years ago. The Pyramids.
The Phoenicians created the first known alphabet.
Iron was used to fashion all kinds of objects.
The Roman empire built the most important public buildings of Ancient times.
The Great Wall of China.
The technique of paper-making.
Ptolomeo stated that the Earth was the centre of the Universe.
The Arabs invented the concept “0” (Zero) and the numbers we use even today.
The Middle Ages. The Compass.
Gunpowder and the first cannons.
The first fire-arms.
Gutenberg invented the first moveable printing-press.
Columbus discovered America- Modern Age is considered to have started then.

The first trip in a balloon.
John Fitch made the first steam-boat to be used.
Jenner introduced vaccines.
Stephenson constructed the first working steam locomotive.
Daguerre perfected photography, which had been invented by Niepce.
Darwin published “The Origin of the Species”. Modern Biology.
Mendel. Genetic Inheritance.
Graham Bell invented the telephone. Edison perfected it.
Otto made the first 4-stroke internal combustion engine.
Benz built the first practical motor-car.
The Lumière brothers created moving pictures.
The Diesel engine.
Technical advances in the 20th century.

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