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In our contemporary society, sports are becoming increasingly popular. Modern-day man tends to live a rather sedentary existence where physical exercise is being replaced by technical advances. Primitive manís good physical condition was vital for his survival. The first competitions. Greeks and the first Olympic Games. Different kinds of collective and individual sports. The importance of sports. Summary.

Modern man lives a sedentary life and technological advances tend to reduce his physical efforts even further.
Sports help to compesate manís lack of physical activity.
Modern frenetic rythm and stress.

In the old times manís physical fitness was vital to his surviving.
Man manufactured some tools. Man hunted in teams. He had to control his nerves.
Our instinct of survival. Manís aggressiveness. Defense from his enemies.
Man organised competitions to show his belical capabilities.
Greek Civilisation: sportive competitions. Olympia.
Flourishing of the sporting spirit in games in the British Isles.
Sports foment team-spirit and physical condition.
The first Olympic Games in the Modern Era.

Team sports need compenetration among all team-members.
Individual sports.
One of the most popular events is to establish who is the fastest athlete, or who has more staying-power in any one event.
The most important aspect of sports is our desire to simply get better.

Quite apart from keeping us occupied and relaxing us, the practice of any kind of sporting activity is beneficial to our health.
Exercise improves mustle-tone and we eliminate waste products.
Sports increase our resistence to fatigue and improve our capacity for physical effort.
We improve our blood-circulation and increase our lung-capacity.
Contemporary medicine.
Sports help us to eliminate our aggressiveness.
Sports are international business concerns.
Moder-day technologies search newer materials in order to attain better results.


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