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Livestock raising occupies an outstanding place within the primary sector including all activities related to exploiting natural resources.

- History
- Some 6000 years ago the so-called Neolithic Revolution took place in Mesopotamia
- Man ceased being nomadic and settled down in villages
- The first towns.
- The first domesticated animals
- Livestock raising was an indispensable source of food, leather and skins
- Cattle exploitation is one of the most important industries world wide
- Cattle and chicken farming
- Poultry farming
- Pig farming
- Other kinds of farming
- Horses
- Sheep
- Camelidae
- Dromedary
- Cuniculture
- Reindeer
- Caribous
- Farming Techniques
- Nomadic herding is a typical cattle activity of great historical importance that has served as means of communication between different races and religions.
- Nomadic cattle herding
- Australia, Argentina and Uruguay examples of extensive cattle farming
- The current situation of livestock farming
- Modern Genetic Engineering introduces the gene capable of producing the desired characteristics directly in to the animalís DNA
- One of scienceís future challenges: to make organic substances from inorganic matter
- Future hopes are place in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

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