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From Asia to Europe. The implementation of these new ideas in Europe took several hundred years, till the XII century. Progress in Mathematics ceased, however, in the XIV century because of the Black Plague that spread throughout Europe.

- The Renaissance
- Fray Luca Pacioli
- Nicholas Copernicus
- Filippo Brunelleschi
- Modern Mathematics
- Galileo, Napier, Kepler and Viète
- Modern Algebra
- John Napier wrote the first treaty on logarithms
- The exponential function
- Galileo and applied Mathematics in physics and astronomy
- The XVII Century: Descartes and Fermat
- René Descartes: one of the creators of modern analytical geometry
- Pierre de Fermat and the infinitesimal analysis; Last Theorem
- Newton and Leibniz
- The five main discoveries of Newton: the Binomial Theorem, the Law of Gravitation, the Laws of Motion, the Nature of Colours and Infinitesimal Calculus
- The dispute between Isaac Newton and Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, one of the most profound mathematicians and philosophers in history.
- The XVIII century
- The Swiss family Bernoulli
- Leonhard Euler, the most prolific mathematician in history
- Adoption of the decimal metric system
- Lagrange; Jean Le Ronde D’Alembert; Gaspard Monge
- Pierre Simon Laplace and the Theory of Probabilities
- The Marquis of Condorcet; Adrien Marie Legendre
- The XIX and XX centuries
- Carl Friedrich Gauss “The Prince of Mathematics”
- The discovery of non-Euclidian geometry
- Nicolai Lobachevski and Janos Bolyai: the discovery of hyperbolic geometry
- Bernhard Riemann : elliptical geometry
- Henri Poincaré : the basic group of a topological space
- Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead: Principia Mathematica
- Alan Turing expert in cryptographic analysis
- John Von Neumann : quantum physics, computer science, Economics
- Without Mathematics, we would not have developed science or technology.

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